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James Durrance

While Clacton-On-Sea in the Essex area of England is more well-known as a weekend getaway on the beach, golfers can also find picturesque courses on which to hone their skills. James Durrance was born and raised in Clacton-On-Sea and developed a passion for both travel and golf, which is hardly surprising considering his location. After graduating University, James married and had two children. Former law enforcement in the county, Durrance’s family is his utmost priority with golf and travel coming in at a close second.

While some men would prefer to relax and unwind during a game of golf, James Durrance loves bringing his children along with him. By teaching them the basics and the love of the sport at a young age, James hopes to spend as much quality time as possible with them while playing a sport they all genuinely love. Mr. Durrance began playing golf at a young age with his father and hopes to continue the tradition with his wife and children. James views golf as not only a way to spend time with his family but as a release from day to day stresses and something to look forward to each week.

Travel is another passion of James Durrance’s which he also shares with his family. He has traveled all over the United Kingdom and Europe where he has explored both the tourist attractions and off the beaten path. Most recently he traveled to South America and has plans to go to Africa and Asia in the next few years as well. James enjoys visiting historical sites and helping his children understand the importance of the sites they are seeing while also teaching them that travel is both fun and rewarding.

Even when traveling, James always manages to find time for a few rounds of golf in each country he visits. By challenging himself with new courses with varying degrees of difficulty, Mr. Durrance can keep his skills up-to-date, relax, and participate in an activity abroad that the entire family will enjoy. More and more frequently, James finds himself researching which courses he would like to visit abroad and plans his next trip based on this list.

In his spare time, James Durrance loves to not only play golf but watch his favorite players as well. James watches as many international and national games as possible and is currently cheering on Justin Rose, and Tommy Fleetwood who are professional English golfers ranked internationally. Growing up, James frequently learned all he could about golfing legends such as Nick Faldo, John Henry Taylor, and Joyce Wethered to name a few. Above all else, James enjoys spending his spare time with his family.