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Simply put, the UK offers some of the finest opportunities for golfing in the world. Invented in Scotland in the 15th Century, a round of the golf in the UK can often feel like a step back into a simpler age. Here are just a few world-class courses in the UK, and why visiting them can be a truly life-changing experience.


  1. The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

If you’re looking for a course that is truly steeped in golf’s traditions, there isn’t a better place to play than the Old Course at St. Andrews. Commonly regarded as the site of the invention of golf, this course was created in the 15th Century and offers players a remarkably challenging opportunity to hone their game. St. Andrews has played host to everyone from Jack Nicklaus to King James IV of Scotland over the years, and a game here is considered a rite of passage for top players. Indeed, no passionate golfer should miss the chance to visit St. Andrews at least once in their lives.


  1. Royal St. George’s Golf Club, Kent, England

While Scotland currently holds the lion’s share of historical golf courses, England is no slouch when it comes to providing world-class games to visitors. Set among the dunes of Southeastern England’s coast, for example, Royal St. George’s Golf Club is regarded by many pros as one of the best and most scenic courses in the world. Created in the 19th Century as an alternative to premiere Scottish links courses, Royal St. George’s has attracted the likes of Greg Norman and author Ian Fleming. In fact, Fleming liked Royal St. George’s so much that he set part of his novel “Goldfinger” here.


  1. Royal Troon Golf Club, Scotland

Founded in the 19th Century, Royal Troon offers visitors the chance to take in stunning natural surroundings at a deeply-challenging course. As the site of numerous Open Championships, Royal Troon has played host to everyone from Tom Watson to Arnold Palmer over the years. Set along the Firth of Clyde, Royal Troon’s coastal views also make it one of the most relaxing courses that golf fans can visit. Getting stuck in a sand trap here can mean tromping along the beach for some time, so visitors should bring their A-game when they stop in for a visit.


For true golf lovers, a trip to the UK can provide a chance to play the game at some of the world’s first and finest golf courses. Whether you’re taking in the vistas at Royal Troon or marveling at the scenery at St. Andrews, there is nothing quite like a golf vacation in the UK to lift the spirits and get in touch with the true ethos of the game. Truly, golf in the UK is golf at its best.