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Whether you are playing a friendly game of golf with the boys, betting on your local course, or playing in a tournament, the rules of golf are going to affect your game. There are some new golf rules that have been rolled out in 2019 that will help you take your game to a whole new level.


You Can Finally Fix Marks On the Green

A big issue that golfers have been dealing with for years is ball marks on the green. Whether a ball mark or marks from cleats, golfers were unable to fix these marks in years past. It is now easy for golfers to fix these marks and have a better chance at sinking their putts.


Playing with Damaged Clubs Will Not Cause You a Penalty

Even golfers on the pro tour have gotten frustrated to the point of damaging their own clubs. With the old rules, if you played with damaged clubs, you would incur a huge penalty. However, the new rules in 2019 allow golfers to play with damaged clubs until they are so damaged that they won’t function properly anymore.


There Is No Longer a Double Hit Penalty

T.C. Chen famously chipped his ball while hitting it twice during the Masters. With the old rules, that would count as an extra stroke. However, golfers can now chip with confidence knowing that a double hit will not result in a penalty stroke.


You No Longer Have to Take Out the Flagstick When Putting

One thing that greatly slows down gameplay is having to remove the flagstick every time you putt. With the new 2019 rules, you will no longer have to remove the flagstick before you putt. This will also help with golfers who forget to place the flagstick back in the hole after their putt.


You Must Find your Ball More Quickly

While you used to have a whole five minutes to find a list ball, that time has been cut down to three minutes. This is part of a larger movement towards speeding up the game of golf. While you may have to give up some of your balls, it will make your game much more enjoyable by speeding up the pace of play.


These new rules are sure to improve the game of any amateur golfer (and pros) on the tour. By improving the speed of play and the severity of the penalties, golf will be more enjoyable for beginners, weekend warriors, and even professionals.